askew's landing campground
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This building ( once the commissary for Bridgeport Plantation ) was moved from it's original location on the old Bridgeport Road to its present location. It now serves the campground office and general store.


The mural depicts the skirmish at Big Black River where Askew's Ferry was destroyed on May 17, 1863. The ferry was used by local farmers to transport cotton to Askew's Gin and also by others traveling Bridgeport.




Circa 1829 - One of the first roads ever constructed to serve the interior part of the state as well as the first road funded by the state of Mississippi. Constructed by slave labor; portions of the road are still visible today and are used as popular nature trails.

One of the nature trails takes you to the bank of the Black River. Wildlife is abundant on this pristine River. Photo opportunities abound in all directions.


Leisure time can be spent feeding the many critters at Askew's Landing. Ducks, geese, peacocks and turkeys roam the grounds in search of a free handout.





Located at the entry to the campground is an old barn. This old barn served as a seed house to the steam operated cotton gin on Bridgeport Plantation.

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